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Import a custom filter from ARIS on-premise to ARIS Cloud Advanced

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by Milan Slivka in ARIS Cloud Support posted on 2017-04-26

We are migrating one of our projects from on-premise ARIS Design 9.8SR7 server instance to ARIS Cloud Advanced.

I have admin access to ARIS Cloud Administrator and I wanted to import custom filters (Symbols, Attributes, Derived model types) and templates prior to the database import. However I am getting following message: To import the file you must have the 'ARIS Access' license privilege. 

Firstly, how do I get ARIS Access license because in user management I can see only Designer and Viewer license and Administrator privilege.

Secondly, if the ARIS Access license is required but not available what is the option Import filter for?

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Christoph Lorenz posted on 2017-04-26

Hi Milan
The ARIS Access license is not available for ARIS Cloud Advanced.

The files cannot be imported because they are decrypted. In ARIS Cloud Advanced you can import encrypted files.
You can do the following:
on-premise ARIS Design 9.8SR7 - Export the the templates and filters with a user WITHOUT license privilege ARIS Access
Now the items are encrypted and can be imported in ARIS Cloud Advanced




Milan Slivka posted on 2017-04-26

great thanks. I will try it and let you know!

Milan Slivka posted on 2017-04-26

thanks for your help, it worked.

Who would have thought that sometimes less is more :)