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Which BPM language?

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by Mohammad Mohammadi in Professional ARIS posted on 2011-01-08

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone would answer my question.

I am researching into model driven service identification based on process models. I am in a dilemma about choosing a good language for describing the process models. It should be mentioned that the services that I want to extract from process models are software services. Accordingly, the processes should decribe system's work in detail and determine how users interact with the system. Furthermore, the sequence of activities is very important in this regard.  Which language is better for this application? BMPN? EPC? UML?


Every comment is highly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

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Roland Woldt posted on 2011-01-08

It depends on who you are talking to (business folks, IT) and which systems you intend to use (webMethods, SAP, Oracle, ...). This will determine your approach and most likely you will use multiple notations in a configuration that is specific to your project or organization.

In the Software AG tool stack you most likely use all three notations, using EPC for the business folks, transforming the EPCs into logical BPMN models for wM and show the technical services as UML diagrams in ARIS (as of today - later this year they will be managed in CentraSite and ARIS will link to the technical descriptions by providing an object for this).

Frederic Duvivier posted on 2011-02-09

I agree with Mr Woldt, EPC is more readable for common business users, then transforming those EPC into BPMN will provide the IT with a more detailed and exact view of what they need to implement.