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by Nikolai Chmatov in MashZone posted on 2017-03-31

Hi Folks,

I need some example of how "User input text" at data feed's level can be linked to the field at the dashboard level.
My data source is SQL Server and I need to call sp procedure and dynamically pass the parameters.



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Jiri Mares posted on 2017-04-04

It's quite easy to build up a sql commands with user input fields to have some more dyn. capabilities for the end users, but I'd need to check how (and if even) it works with stored procedures.

Could you share in meanwhile an example of your code and highlight the part(s) with your dyn. parameters? Just to see more details.

Nem Stewart posted on 2017-04-04

Although I have never used SQL server and sp procedures, I have used "user input text" within my data feed to dynamically pass parameters. If this would help, I can put some info together for you.

Nikolai Chmatov posted on 2017-04-04

Here is the simple quesy:

EXEC sp_PROCEDURE @Parameter1, @Parameter2

I can use User Input element to compile required SQL Statement, but question is - how I link that User input with any element (say drop-down box) on dashboard?