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ARIS Architect: Assignment icon unavailable

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by Pedro Guerrero in User Support posted on 2018-01-24

The first level assignment works properly. The assignment icon takes us to the corresponding organizational unit in this example model, as seen below:


When clicking the assignment icons, we can easily go to the next organizational unit. The problem is that the assignment icon is no longer available after clicking the first level of assignment. 


Note that all assignments have been done; I've been checking our models and compare them against the United Motors Group DB (example database for ARIS) and they look quite similar. However, the assignment icon is still unavailable.


Note that the assignment icon is totally missing. So at this point, we would like to figure out how to make the assignment icons available for the next levels after.

Thank you very much for the assistance


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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2018-01-24

Hi Pedro,

Please there is an option to hidden the icons, please make sure if this option is disable...

Pedro Guerrero posted on 2018-01-24

It worked fine. Thank you very much!