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Logging Semantic Check success/Errors

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by Puneet Luthra in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-02-16


I want to create a report that runs semantic checks on all the models under a DB/group and maintains the success/failure message in a model attribute.

Is there a way to catch the message displayed by semantic check output dialogue/log and if so how can i put this on an attribute?




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Mayur Patel posted on 2017-03-10

In our ARIS implementation we are unable to edit the semantic check profile.  That seems the correct place to collect and update that info from my perspective.

To go around that problem, we see that semantic check profiles call functions in atsallen.js(which we are able to edit).In that file, we amend the function that outputs statistics for semantic checks to update our custom non-editable semantic check timestamp and result attributes.  This allows us to use the info for our release cycle management so that we can be sure that the values were actually updated by the checks.

You can set a breakpoint in that function in the global variables you should be able to see the errorlist array with the models that fail checks and there is another array with the actual errors that fail and the relevant messages (I cant remember its name now but I'll check post an update)

My thinking then becomes - update the semantic check profile to set the attributes and then create another report to simply loop through all the models and run the relevant semantic check (which then updates each model accordingly)

Its not the most direct way to get your answer, but I hope this helps.