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Detailed diff of ARIS10SR1 and ARIS 9.8SR4

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by Rayudu Addagarla in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-11-10

Can anyone post or send links about very clear differences of ARIS10 and ARIS 9.8sr4

Understand ARIS Aware is available only on aris10- no need that info.



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-11-10

Dear Rayudu,

It would be quite challenging for us to provide the deltas between every possible combination of an older ARIS version and its most recent one, because we are launching 2 feature releases per year. Therefore I can offer only the delta between each of them.

Your ARIS 9.8 SR4 has already been launched back in April 2016, followed by 4 more service releases, including 1 feature release (SR6 in Oct 2016), before ARIS 10.0 has been launched in April this year, followed also by 2 more service releases, including the most recent feature release 10.0 SR2 from October.

For every feature release we offer its innovations and most important new features in detail. You find them all in our ARIS BPM Blog, such as (in chronological order)

Beside those release-focused articles we are continuously posting topic specific news, all found at one place, in our ARIS BPM Blog.

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