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ARIS Online Academy | Lesson 1 "What is BPM"

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by Rune Becker in University Relations posted on 2009-09-18

If you really want to understand what Business Process Management is all about, you definitely should listen to the e-learning course "What is BPM".

This interactive introduction gives you an overview about the Why and What and the How and When of BPM. It takes about 90 min. to go through.

Highlights in e-learning course "What is BPM"

Please be sure to read this post about how to use the e-learning courses of the ARIS Online Academy.


Start the ARIS Online Academy lesson 1 "What is BPM"


Since this is the first e-learning course from IDS Scheer, we appreciate your feedback on the content and in particular on our new e-learning approach.

See also:

Happy e-learning!

Rob Davis & Rune Becker

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Rune Becker posted on 2009-09-18

We've noticed that Firefox as Internet browser doesnn't open the e-learning course properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please use Internet Explorer in the meantime.

We are working on on solution...



Pascal TREMONG posted on 2009-09-24

It don't work as well on Firefox. But here's a plugin to use IE kernel with Firefox : IE Tab plugin

It work perfect with it but I hope it will be working directly on Firefox.


Donald Dillon posted on 2009-09-18

I am getting a 'local storage error' when opening the page for this file.  I am using IE 7




Hedwig Van Muylder posted on 2009-09-20

The page doesn't open with Safari on a MAC 

Sebastian Stein posted on 2009-09-21

We uploaded a new version of the online course, which should fix some of the problems with the various browser and popup blockes floating around. Can you please try again?



Hedwig Van Muylder posted on 2009-09-21

Sorry Sebastian, no change for Safari.

Kind regards,



Donald Dillon posted on 2009-09-21

No change for my IE environment

Parveen Jaswal posted on 2009-09-21

This is something really good..!!

Very helpful contents for those who want to dive into BPM  world.





Prabha Thomas posted on 2009-09-24

Is there an audit track for this course - it says so, but I don't get any audio. Also what is the right screen resolution reqd? I find that the full course window does not fit.

This is a great help for starters in BPM



haddiah musawa posted on 2009-10-05

I'm  using Google chrome and the link is not working with me either 

Rune Becker posted on 2009-10-08


Google Chrome 3.0 should work fine.

But the courses are starting in full screen mode, means a popup will try to open up once you clicked a course link.

And you probably have set Chrome to block pop-ups like most people, right?

Well, if you did, it could happen that you simply overlooked the message in the lower right corner of Chrome saying "Pop-ups Blocked". If you see that mesage, just click on it and then on the link shown. Then the course should start up in a new window.

I hope this helps. For other browsers we are still working on a solution.


Bob Siffels posted on 2009-10-08

Very nice!

Rune Becker posted on 2010-07-26

You may experience strange behavior when running these e-learning courses. That's due to a recent Flash update. I have to publishe al course again.

Please stay tuned for updates...

Rune Becker posted on 2010-08-16

Hi everyone,

The ARIS Online Academy course Lesson 1: What is BPM has been fixed and uploaded on a new link!

It's now compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

In case you encounter still a problem playing the course, its exercises or printing out the exam certificate, please contact me.

Happy learning!


Amit Verma posted on 2011-04-06

I have completed the read through of the first course <What is BPM>. but it won't allow me to appear for the test. I am getting below message upon completion of course.


"you are not authorized to access this content. Please complete the required learning objects first."

Rune Becker posted on 2011-04-06

Dear Amit,

Have you checked whether your learning progress shows all units with green icons?

In the course window click the progress icon on the top right:

Then you will see your learning progress:

If a unit is not indicated in green, the system will consider this as incomplete. Hence, denies you to take the exam.


Amit Verma posted on 2011-04-06

Yes.. There were few units marked as red. I cleared those and it allowed me to go through the certification.


Thanks !!

servicios linea posted on 2011-10-12

I'm  using Google chrome, IE and Firefox and the link is not working....  

Rune Becker posted on 2011-10-13

The link opens a popup window. Is that maybe blocked in your browsers?

I just opened this course in Chrome 14, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 5.0.1. In all browsers the link from the above icon worked fine.

Please copy that start link manually into your browser: 


Iurii Khomitskyi posted on 2012-10-02


When I starts video courses (Lessons 1-3), there are no sound and it's shown me that there is no *.mp3 file. What's the problem? 

Fix links to all media files on the website, please. There are no working links of pages with video tutorials for ARIS Business Architect.


Rune Becker posted on 2012-10-02

Dear Iurii,

I just started all 3 lessons in Chrome v21, Internet Explorer v9 and Firefox v15.

All browsers worked fined and I heared the speaker loud and clear. Firefox gives the best experience.

Have you enabled popup windows in your browser?

If you see an error message, please upload a screenshot here.

About the video tutorials for ARIS Business Architect. Which one do you found not working?

On this page with video tutorials, all for ARIS Business Architect I just checked and they are all are working for me:

Try this tutorial from that page and let me know if you receive an error message instead of the video:


Iurii Khomitskyi posted on 2012-10-03

I've checked it on Chrome v22 and IE7 but result is same:

Rune Becker posted on 2012-10-03

Since both are built differently I guess there's a blocker for MP3 and MP4 files between our content and you.

Do you have a proxy or firewall in your network which could cause that file-type based blocking?

One last check for a MP4 file from my company's web site:
Can you play that video or do you get another error message?

Anyway, I'll check at our end what could be potentially blocking you. But chances are very low since no one else reported that courses are incompletely loaded or video tutorials not loaded at all.


Iurii Khomitskyi posted on 2012-10-04

Thanks for help. You are right. There are some limits in my office's network

Chris Umunna posted on 2012-10-04

Works pefectly well  even on Chrome 2

good work

Iris Kwok posted on 2012-11-21

Hi Rune, the tutorial was very well prepared. I enjoyed that. The only thing was that I had problem accessing the Examination section. The software had problem recognising the fact that I completed the course. I actually did the whole course 3 times. I had kept screens for each presentation page. Please kindly assist. There was no red marks. Thank you very much from I am keen to access the Examination section and get the certificate.

Rune Becker posted on 2012-11-22

Dear Iris,

I will have a look at it. Maybe it's related to a recent Flash update. Since the course content has been produced a longtime ago, we have to republish the courses again to get compliant with Adobe's newest changes.

First I have to get to the same point to understand what's went wrong. I will let you know when the exam is working again.


Iris Kwok posted on 2012-11-23

Dear Rune,

I think you are right. I found an old computer at home which had an old Flash version and it worked wonderfully well. I should have done the course 6 times by now. I get my certificate for lesson1 ok. Thank you very much for replying to my mail. I aim to do the other lessons soon.  

Thank you again...

Cheers Iris

Kofi Neo posted on 2013-03-29

Still finding my way around Aris Community.  Good experience.  Will teach EPCs next week to undergrads in Ghana.

Rune Becker posted on 2013-04-02

Thanks for your feedback, Kofi!

Make the first-time experience with EPC fun!

Some ideas to get your audience thinking about processes:

How your "process" for making coffee look like? Here's my end-to-end process "Prepare-to-Consume" which is till today a reference process of my company on public fairs:

Or how what about favorite dishes in cooking recipes?

Here are 2 EPC models of local dishes from small Saarland (state of Germany):

If BPMN is already by your audience, try to "transform" these BPMN cooking recipes back in EPC models:


Kofi Neo posted on 2013-04-05

Thanks Rune.  I am so excited.  This is a new thing in Ghana and your resources made it so easy for me and for my students too.  Thanks a lot. Whoa!  What a relief.  The standalone tutorial is great works well on my Windows Vista but does not open in Safari. 

Still going through the Online Academy materials on my MacBook Pro Safari.  Some of the lessons do not open.  I try the Windows Vista and see whether there will be some improvement.  Once again thanks a million times and keep up the good work

Jagoda Siarkowska posted on 2013-11-06

I am completely new in this community and I wonder if as e-lærning or tutorials are free off charge for ARIS community members. I appreciate your responds.

eugenia tsalkitzi posted on 2014-02-05

Hello ARIS Community,
I took the "What is BPM" e-learning course and I completed all of it. Due to some connection and meeting issues, I had to stop the final exam 2-3 times. Now an info message tells me that my attempts are over. What do I have to do in order to complete the exam and take the certificate? I tried to take the course again, but my status shows that I have completed it. This message appears regardless browser.
Please help because I need the certificate as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance.

Rune Becker posted on 2014-02-05

Dear Eugenia,

I replied yesterday in the other discussion how you could reset your complete learning progress:

And if you don't want that and just need to reset the allowed two tries of your exam, then you could send me the your .sol file and I will reset just that setting.

There's nothing saved about your learning progress on our server, so I can't offer anything else.


Tanmoy Sen posted on 2014-06-16

Hi Rune,


I am having the problem of no audio (just like quite a few others did). I have tried Chrome v35, IE 10, and Firefox v29.0.1. I have tried unblocking pop-ups but no joy. Can you please look into this?




Rune Becker posted on 2014-06-24

Dear Tanmoy,

So you can got to the start page on, allowed the popup, clicked then "Start course", but ended on the "Welcome" page titled without hearing audio?

And if so, could you please try again using a fresh browser, such as portable Firefox 30 or portable Chrome 35:

I just tried using both portable browsers, and heard the audio stream without issues. If you can confirm that you, then might you have another plugin/add-on/extension in your installed browsers preventing you from hearing the course's audio track.


Sarika Malik posted on 2014-09-08

Hi Rune,

Hope you are doing well.

I have 3 years of experience as Business process manager. However, in our company we don't use any tool for process design. We normally use Ms-Offiec to document process. 

I am willing to learn Aris tool for process modeling. It would be great if you could suggest me the steps to get start on Aris tool.

Look forward to hearning from you.

Best Regards,



Rune Becker posted on 2014-09-08

Dear Sarika,

For an easy and quick start I suggest to play a bit with ARIS Express:

However, If you aim for a repository-based approach, you would rather skip ARIS Express as file-based process modeling tool. Instead, go for Process Live, process modeling in the cloud, and start with a free trial:

Or, you go directly to our commercial flagship products of ARIS 9:
​ARIS BPA offers the richest set of capabilities compared to the entry-level products above:

And for learning about BPA/BPM you should walk through the free e-learning courses I listed in my earlier replies on this page.


Sovan Mukherjee posted on 2017-08-26

Hi Rune,

An excellent course. Thank you so much. I have successfully completed the certification. Now I want to know something in details:

1. From where I can get the template of different frameworks those are used in the training? Like AS_IS analysis, value engineering etc.

2. What are ARIS BSC, ARIS Business optimizer and ARIS six sigma? How to get knowledge on this?

Will wait for your reply.




Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-28

Dear Sovan,

Thanks for your feedback. Meanwhile, ARIS Value Engineering has been envolved to Software AG's PRIME methodology. Prime for Business Process Analysis would be a good starting point for you:

You can find out more about that and other topics by searching our resource center: via

Also, the smaller topics of the broad ARIS portfolio can be found there, such as this factsheet about ARIS Business Strategy: