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ARIS Online Academy | Lesson 2 “Before you start modelling”

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by Rune Becker in University Relations posted on 2009-09-23

If you have already watched our first e-learning course of the ARIS Online Academy titled "Lesson 1: What is BPM", you have learned the basic principles about BPM.

Having achieved that you may want to continue diving deeper into the world of BPM and start modelling with ARIS. But just before you do, I'd recommend you to watch another e-learning course Lesson 2: "Before you start modelling".

This course tells you about important things you should think about to make sure that you create good models which meet the needs of your business.

Here are some highlights of this course:
Highlights of "Before you start modelling"

Please be sure to read this post about how to use the e-learning courses of the ARIS Online Academy.

Start e-learning course "Before you start modelling"

Of course, your feedback on this e-learning course is highly appreciated.

After you have watched the above 2 lessons, the authors hope you will join in our BPM motto:
"Managing your business by managing your processes!"

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Rob Davis & Rune Becker

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Hedwig Van Muylder posted on 2009-09-24

Hi Rob and Rune

Excellent training course, clear and to the point!

Just one little twist on the part #4 False assumptions where the sound track is repeating.
Kind regards


Rune Becker posted on 2009-09-24

Dear Hedwig,

Thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate your comment.

Yes, we are aware of the stuttering sound particularly when opening exercises. We will fix this with an updated course very soon.


HC Lim posted on 2009-09-26

Great material and well done!

This is the first time I come across the transformation diagram.. Since it is a key concept, I would like to know how can it be drawn in ARIS Express or Business Architect? If not, when will it be supported?


HC Lim




Rob Davis posted on 2009-09-28

Hi Mr Lim

Glad you found the course interesting. Yes you can represent the 'process as a transformation' in ARIS Express or ABA. In fact that is what the EPC is actually modelling. Each step is a transformation. Inputs  and outputs can be documents or data entities. Resources can be organisation units, IT systems, etc. Controls can be documents representing regulation, policies etc and business objectives can be objectives or products/service. Here is an example in ARIS Express showing a single process step (I have not shown events which). If you use ARIS Business Architect there are more object you can use.


Rob Davis posted on 2009-09-28

I have put the ARIS Express model for the Process as a Transformation in this post


HC Lim posted on 2009-09-30

Hi Rob, thanks for sharing further...

I wld like to seek yr advice on how such a diagram complements the EPC and VACD in BPM projects and EA efforts. How does it differ from them? I have read through some of the ARIS books and have not seen it mentioned.

Would appreciate yr wisdom on this.

thanks again

HC Lim

Rune Becker posted on 2009-10-01

Actually, in the book "ARIS design platform: getting started with BPM" by Rob Davis and Eric Brabänder.

Google Books provides a book preview. And luckily the preview shows on page 223 an example how to model a process/function as transformation in ARIS conventions. The following page briefly introduces the concept similar to this e-learning course.


Karsten Perlich posted on 2010-07-18


its an excellent training course that made me smiling several time: "Do not model the universe!", one of Your very good advices. Thanks for it.

But maybe there is a bug in the script creating the certificate for the "Before you start modelling"-course? These two pics are part of my certificate:









I tried twice, but always the same mistake. What can be done?

Thanks for help

Karsten Perlich

Rune Becker posted on 2010-07-22

Sorry about the inconvenience.

I will have a look at it. Might be that the script generating the exam certificate is browser dependent. I will give it a try using Firefox 3.6 and Chrome 5. Which browser did you use?

In worst case, let me know your data for the certificate and I'll create one using my offline version.


Karsten Perlich posted on 2010-07-22

Hi Rune,

my browser is Firefox 3.6.7. Hope this will be helpfull for You.

Thanks for help

Karsten Perlich

Rune Becker posted on 2010-07-26

You may experience strange behavior when running these e-learning courses. That's due to a recent Flash update. I have to publishe al course again.

Please stay tuned for updates...

Rune Becker posted on 2010-08-16

Hi everyone,

The ARIS Online Academy course Lesson 2: Before you start modeling has been fixed and uploaded on a new link!

It should be now compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

In case you encounter still a problem playing the course, its exercises or printing out the exam certificate, please contact me.

Happy learning!


Karsten Perlich posted on 2010-08-16


the new version is well done, thanks. Only the grade is missing in the certification.

Thank You for the update.


Jerry Sparger posted on 2011-03-02

I completed all tests successfully, but it still won't let me take the exam.

Alexandra Livingston posted on 2011-05-18


Please could you include the length of the tutorials for lesson 2 and 3.  That would be really helpful.




Rune Becker posted on 2011-05-18

Dear Alexandra,

You are absolutely right, there is information about the courses missing.

Please find here more details for all 3 lessons:

  • Estimated course length (depending on the learner's pace)
  • Number of chapters (if applicable)
  • Number of lessons (or learning units)
  • Numbers of excercises (the interactive parts for learner's)

Alexandra Livingston posted on 2011-05-19



Thank you so much for that information.  The only other question I have is: does each of these lessons have an exam and certificate with results?



Rune Becker posted on 2011-05-19

Upon completion of lesson 1 and 2 you can take an exam and receive a certificate.

Only lesson 3 doesn't provide an exam nor certificate, since it is rather a recording than a complete e-learning course like the others.


Bernardo A. Guzmán C. posted on 2011-10-07

About courses 1 & 2. Excellent job and to the point. Many years I've been using an amount of   common sense and quality knowledge tryng to have a serious approach to model. This is the answer. Thanks a lot!

To explain in simple mode a complex thing is really great.

Best regards

Ragini Yeru posted on 2013-05-28

Im unable to view the training material

Rune Becker posted on 2013-05-29

Dear Ragini,

Which browser do you use?

And have you checked to turn off the popup blocker?


Susanne Hetterich posted on 2017-08-28

Hi Rune,

my screen does not show the whole picture but only the left corner. I also have no help button or similar to adjust the representation. What can/do I have to do to resolve this?

Thanks a lot, Susan.




Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-28

Dear Susanne,

In Chrome 60 as well as in Firefox 52 the course is played well. Which browser are you using? And is the newest Adobe Flash Player installed?