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ARIS Online Academy | Lesson 3 "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer"

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by Rune Becker in University Relations posted on 2009-09-24

I'd like to announce to you the 3rd lesson of the ARIS Online Academy titled "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer".

If you are a new ARIS user and about to start ARIS Business Designer (or its "bigger brother" ARIS Business Architect) for the first time, this e-learning course guides you as through your first steps:

  • Navigate through a process repository
  • Understand the overall advantages of the ARIS concept
  • Create your own process models using ARIS
  • Evaluate your modeling results in a report

Here are some highlights of the course:
Highlights of the e-learning course "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer"

Since this 3rd lesson is technically a little bit different than lesson 1 and 2, please note the different handling. To start this course, just click on the button below. After you see the new window click the play button on the lower left corner.

Start the course "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer"  

The authors of this e-learning course appreciate your feedback!

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Bowie Hinger and Rune Becker

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Hedwig Van Muylder posted on 2009-09-24

Again an excellent training course, which in turn also runs on a Mac. This is the type of course I would create myself to promote the use of the ARIS platform and help new users to start modeling their processes. So thanks to this type of eLearning, we can speed up the acceptance of ARIS as a central BPM tool.

Kind regards



Archana Bhatnagar posted on 2017-06-09

Hi, i need an online learning course for ARIS. Can you help. Even an instructor led program is fine



Rune Becker posted on 2017-06-09

Dear Archana,

Did you check what Software AG offers at


Rune Becker posted on 2009-09-26

Dear Hedwig,

Thanks for your feedback!

I'll promise to do my best to make the other 2 courses compatible with Safari/Mac.


Moez AYADI posted on 2009-09-27

Excellent course :)


Angie Taher posted on 2009-10-02

 Brilliant material. Thank you!

Branko Spajic posted on 2009-10-22

 Thank you for this type of eLearning. Excellent material!

Vibhas Karn posted on 2010-07-10

This e-learning course is taking too much time to buffer is there any other alternative to open the same course?

Rune Becker posted on 2010-07-26

You may experience strange behavior when running these e-learning courses. That's due to a recent Flash update. I have to publishe al course again.

Please stay tuned for updates...

Paulo Dominonni posted on 2010-07-26

I'm very pleased with any tool ARIS.

It is very easy to use very efficient and extremely objective.

Now with the online training I have improved my knowledge.

Our company has learned much from the directions of the tool ARIS.

Paulo Dominonni

Bernardo A. Guzmán C. posted on 2011-10-05

First approach to ARIS was terrific. We were searching about EMR, class, objects, objet's types and similar. It was an good experience and I´ knew about PPM and the glory. Now I am surprised for the familiar speeching and explanations.

The TOP! 

Bernardo A. Guzmán C. posted on 2011-10-05

Sorry: Thanks a lot

suhanda Omer posted on 2011-10-24

Hi Mr. Rune

i cannot open lesson 3 , when i click on the link i come back to this page, can you help me please

Rune Becker posted on 2011-10-24

Have you checked that your browser is not blocking popup windows?

If you click on the above course icon, a popup window should open up.

If this doesn't happen, try this: Right click on the course icon, copy the link, open a new browser window or tab manually, and then paste the copied link to the address bar.

Does this work?


suhanda Omer posted on 2011-10-24

thank you, it works!!

Arthur Panton posted on 2012-03-10


This looks good but utterly impossible to watch on my consistently unreliable internet connection.

Is there a download possibility?



Rune Becker posted on 2012-03-12

Dear Arthur,

Great to see that this free ARIS course has made it to Nairobi, Kenya.

However, I am afraid but we don't offer an option for downloading the courses at the moment.

But since this course is split up in one flash file for each chapter/title, you should be good when you click each title once and wait for a few seconds. None of the chapters is bigger than 10 MB. After you clicked on all titles, your browser should have all recordings in its cache.

Does this help?



Vivek Ingle posted on 2013-07-05

HI Rune Becker,

what exactly the whizard .what r the uses of whizard.practcally...


thanks & regards



Rune Becker posted on 2013-07-05

Sorry, but I don't understand what you want to say.


Vivek Ingle posted on 2013-09-02



Thanks  &regards

VIvek Ingle

Nikolai Zorin posted on 2013-09-17

Hi Rune, 

have you got similar course for ARIS Publisher? Many company users just need some training on Publisher rather than Designer.

Are there plans to make similar courses for ARIS 9?

Thanks and Regards,


Rune Becker posted on 2013-09-17

Dear Nikolai,

I don't have anything than the video published here on the ARIS Community on under ARIS Business Publisher.

For ARIS 9 there's currently nothing planned in the direction of e-learning courses.


Jeana Catempo posted on 2014-04-29

Thanks for this e-learning course, very useful & informative.

Rune Becker posted on 2014-04-29

Great that you liked it, Jeana.

Did you watch also the other two courses, less product focussed on

  • What is BPM?
  • Before you start modeling
Sarika Malik posted on 2014-12-11

Hi Rune,

I have completed 2 course successfully, but i am not able to open the 3rd course (ARIS Business Designer).


Please help me in that.





Rune Becker posted on 2014-12-11

Dear Sarika,

Could you please check the URL of the 3rd course ( in a portable browser, such as portable Firefox (

That check would exclude any browser-dependent issue such as adblocker etc.



Sarika Malik posted on 2014-12-12

Thanks Rune,

I can open the link you have given.


Sarika Malik posted on 2014-12-16

Hello Rune,

Can I get the trial version on ARIS Business Designer for practices?

Could you please share the link to download (if available)



Rune Becker posted on 2014-12-16

Dear Sarika,

I am sorry but Software AG offers commercial ARIS products only via sales:

ARIS Business Designer 7.x is at its end of maintenance by end of 2014. The successor is ARIS Designer/Architect for which the same rules applies as above.

Completely free is still ARIS Express, a perfect entry-level product for process modeling:

And in case you are a student you can go for our educational offering:


Lubo Lambo posted on 2015-01-16

Thank you for the nice trainings, but I cannot open ARIS Business Designer (or its "bigger brother" ARIS Business Architect) ... I receive an error message: that this page is not found.

Do you have plans to make this also for ARIS 9

Thank you again, perfect work

Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2015-01-19

Hello Lubo Lambo,

Could you please try to open them again? They are working fine now.



Sabrina Guetibi posted on 2017-05-10


I have tried to open this part of the course but I got the samething as  Lubo Lambo, Please do you have any solution for this;


Sabrina Guetibi posted on 2017-06-11

Hello  Rune Becker;

Can you please answer me on my previous message;

Best regards

Sabrina Guetibi posted on 2017-06-11

Hello  Rune Becker;

Can you please answer me on my previous message;

Best regards

Rune Becker posted on 2017-06-12

Dear Sarina,

My posts as well as those links are more han 4 years old. The product links were pointing to Software AG's Internet page of ARIS products. Please use


Sabrina Guetibi posted on 2017-06-16


Thank you so much for your replay, I will switch to the softwareag.

Best regards


Werner Bernatik posted on 2017-09-22

I have downloaded the software - it is version 10 of it. After opnening it there is not "My Aris server" pre-set and I can not go further. Please let me know what should I do than. Thank You, W.B.

Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-09-22

Dear Werner Bernatik,

Please create a new post with your question on ARIS Community. And if possible, kindly atatch some screenshots for reference.



Werner Bernatik posted on 2017-09-22

Dear Ranjitha,

here I am sending You a few screenshots. After opening the software (I was surprised it is already in Czech language) a window is shown and as You can see I can do nothing more (no default server name, and when I open that line - it is empty.

Thanks for Your kind answer,


Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-09-22

Hello Mr.Bernatik,

Did you install ARIS with locals standard database or without local standard database?

Please take a look at this FAQ for more information on the server.




Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-09-25

Hello Mr.Bernatik,

I am unable to respond to your emails. You email server is blocking all emails from me. Please provide me with an alternate email id so I can help you.