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As the quantity of our models increases, so does our SAP syncronization. We try to do the sync after normal business hours, that means we need staff to initiate the sync then monitor it through the evening. When we do Aris->SolMan then SolMan->Aris that can mean the entire process is not completed until well into the early a.m.

Is there a way to automate the sync process? Ideally, I would like to do this through a script, but I suppose a batch file would also be workable. However, between the two syncs we have a process that cleans up the models before they goes back into Aris.

Ideally, I would like to be able to make this script event-driven based on something like a 'sync-complete' event.


Rick Beddoe

Cargill Aris Technical Analyst
Minneapolis, MN, USA