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Como recuperar base de dato eliminada?

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by Roxy Alvarez in User Support posted on 2017-11-09

Como recupero una base de datos eliminada? Por favor ayuda 

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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-11-13


if I understand enough Spanish, I understand you deleted a database and you want to restore it. You can restore a database from an .adb file backup in ARIS Architect. You need "database administrator" function privilege to do the restore. You will have that, because you were able to delete a database.

In the context menu of the Explorer root node select "restore database..." and select the .adb file to restore. Choose, if you need the database to be versionable or not. Start the restore.

If you don't have adb file backups but only backups at the database level of Oracle/MS SQL Server, you will need assistance from support. Open a ticket on empower in that case.