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Access denied for my university

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by Eugy Maksimov in University Relations posted on 2017-03-01

Hello, i've just signed up via my own campus email ( but i still have the problem with access. When i'm trying to download "ARIS Education Package | Single User" the following page opens "". What should i do?

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Felix Winzig posted on 2017-03-01
Eugy Maksimov posted on 2017-03-05

i've sent request a week ago, so i still don't have access


Felix Winzig posted on 2017-03-08

Hi Eugy,

I've sent you an email. Please check your mail.


Viktor Loskutov posted on 2017-05-25

Hello. I have the same problem with access. I sent request 2 days before and I still haven't got any message confirmation.
My university is Voronezh State University.
I added university to your database. And I used my university domain when I was filling registration form.
Please help.

Kai-Hendrik Pots posted on 2017-05-29

Hello Victor,

your university is now listed in our database. Enjoy working with our software.