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Licence expiring deadline

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by Sabrina Guetibi in University Relations posted on 2017-12-08

Hello dear ARIS community,

I have been using ARIS9.8 for one year from now , and I'm reaching the deadline of using this version which is tomorrow, so I have requested the final version for my university but I'm very surprised fromthe fact that this version will expire after only two mounth of use, so I would like tobe sure about this information, maybe I got it wrong!

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards

Guetibi S.


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Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-12-14

Hello Sabrina,

The latest version of ARIS is 10.0. Please upgrade to that. If you are a student, the license will be valid for 6 months, if you are a faculty the license will be valid for 12 months.



Sabrina Guetibi posted on 2017-12-15

Dear Ranjitha,

I'm a faculty member and for the current version installed (ARIS 9.8) in my machine from last year is still working so I can use it without updating until next February.

Can I request an license extension for ARIS 10, from next February or no?

Best regards.