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Selecting objects in BPMN pools and lanes

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by Sascha Schneider in BPMN posted on 2010-07-20

In the latest version of ARIS Express, we also improved the behaviour for selecting objects contained in BPMN pools and lanes. In the past, it was only possible to do free selection of multiple objects by clicking and dragging on the background of a diagram or on transparent objects.

free selection of BPMN objects contained in pools and lanes

Now, this behaviour has been adapted so that it works for BPMN pools and lanes containing objects, too. See the video below for a short demonstration.

Note: The feature explained in this article is available in ARIS Express and in the professional ARIS Platform products since service release 8 (SR08). There are additional articles available explaining BPMN modelling in ARIS and ARIS Express.

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Marcus Jennings posted on 2010-07-23

It's always been a pain to find a piece of empty window from which to begin a multi select, I'm glad to see the new feature. Is this also something in ARIS 7.1 as we're still in 7.0?


Sascha Schneider posted on 2010-07-26

Hi Marcus,


this feature has only been implemented for ARIS 7.1 and ARIS Express.


Best regards