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Rotating BPMN lane and pool labels

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by Sascha Schneider in BPMN posted on 2010-07-26

ARIS Express now supports the rotation of pool and lane labels. To switch the orientation, you just have to drag the label to the left border of the pool/lane or to the top of the pool/lane.

On a first try, it can be a bit tricky to drag the label, because eventually you are dragging the complete pool object. Therefore, watch the video below how to do it. Select the label by clicking on the border of the label. It is marked with a dotted rectangle. After the label is selected, you can drag it to the desired location.

Note: The feature explained in this article is available in ARIS Express and in the professional ARIS Platform products since service release 8 (SR08). There are additional articles available explaining BPMN modelling in ARIS and ARIS Express.

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Will Keenan posted on 2010-08-16

My organisation has recently adopted the BPMN standard. Is it possible to obtain any additional information about the plans to include pool/lane label rotation in ABA (e.g. approximate implementation date and whether the rotation will be applicable to existing models or only new ones)?

Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-08-16

Good news, it is planned for the next service release (SR08), which is planned in the next weeks. So I hope it will be available not later than end of September.

As far as I can see, rotating labels will work for existing diagrams, too. You will only need to open them and drag the label to the intended position.