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Hi There,

I have a group of models where I have used a fragment to input a header on each model, the resulting header contains 7 different attributes and an image.

Now that I have run through the process of adding them all, I have discovered that one of the attributes is incorrect (the attribute selected, not the value - example: I wanted the attribute shown to be "changed by" instead of "changed on").

Is it possible to change this programmatically all at once? Something like the below:


var grpMdls = ArisData.getSelectedGroups()[0].ModelList(true);
var g_nLoc = Context.getSelectedLanguage();

for(var z = 0; z < grpMdls.length; z++){
var MdlAttrs = grpMdls[z].Attribute(1584,g_nLoc)


Obviously, I can't use Type() as the left hand side, but I'm wondering if there is another way?