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ARIS DB Reorganisation

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by Ismael Shameem Etowar in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-02-04

Dear Community,

After performing a DB reorganisation a pop up with a list of all deleted and 'unable to delete' objects is displayed. However one cannot copy the list from the said pop up as a record. I wonder if a log containing this information (i.e. the list) is kept somewhere. Grateful if someone can please tell me where I can access the log.


Thanks beforehand


Best regards



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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2010-02-04

Hi Ismael,

These logs files you can find at directory from ARIS Server

the path is ....\ARIS7.1\Server\Log





Ismael Shameem Etowar posted on 2010-02-04

Hi Andre,


Thanks for your reply ;-).






Oliver Lauer posted on 2010-02-08

Hi Ismael!

Currently this information is not logged on the server. So the hint from Andre to the server\log directory won't help you.

In case you perform the reorg with the ARISAdm-Tool you can enable a logging in a log file.



Martin Schröder posted on 2010-02-16

Hello Shameem,

the 'unable to delete' objects may be caused by other users connected to the same DB.
If you reorganize through the Architect Admin Module interactively you should use
%ARISHOME71%\JavaClient\ARIS Site Administrator 7.1.exe
resp. to check for sessions on the server first. If appropriate you can "kill" the sessions.

Your users would be delighted to be asked beforehand, because their Aris clients will just freeze

If you wish to reorganize by means of arisadm71.exe in an unattended (nightly) batch script you can do the same with commands like
rem list all sessions
%ADMINEXE% -enc cp850 -s %ARISSERVER% -pa %SITEADMIN% -l %ARISLOG% sessions bypid
rem kill all user sessions on this server - with no warning!
%ADMINEXE% -enc cp850 -s %ARISSERVER% -pa %SITEADMIN% -l %ARISLOG% kill all
rem reorg all DBs on this server
%ADMINEXE% -enc cp850 -s %ARISSERVER% -pa %SITEADMIN% -p %DBADMIN% -l %ARISLOG% reorg all delete

Parameter -l %ARISLOG% (with a file path) does the logging for each command in batch mode.

To log the output of arisadm71.exe in interactive mode insert the same parameter in the command line of the link that starts arisadm71.exe (Start Menu or Desktop)

Hope this helps,

Andre Sales posted on 2011-03-09

Hi Martin,

I cant do this command using a batch file...could you help me?

So, if i use these commands in Dos mode, it's ok, works fine. But if i try to create a batch file with the same commands, doesnt works anymore.

Follow below the code that i'm using:

  • @echo off
  • REM  ******************
  • REM  *** Variaveis  ***
  • REM  ******************
  • Rem *** Diretório de Backup dos Logs
  • Rem *** Diretório de instalação do ARIS
  • SET ARISDIR="C:\Arquivos de programas\ARIS7.1\JavaClient"
  • REM *** SITEADMIN password
  • REM *** DBADMIN password
  • REM *** CFGADMIN password
  • REM  ***************
  • REM  ***   Acao  ***
  • c:
  • cd  ARISDIR
  • ARISADM71 -enc cp850 -s LOCAL -pa SITEADMIN -l sessions bypid
  • ARISADM71 -enc cp850 -s LOCAL -pa SITEADMIN -l kill all
  • ARISADM71 -enc cp850 -s LOCAL -pa SITEADMIN -p DBADMIN -l reorg all delete


Kind regards,

Andre Sales

Ismael Shameem Etowar posted on 2010-03-19

Hello Oliver and Martin,


I would like to thank you both for your valuable comments and advices.

My apologies for doing this just now.

It's quite hectic at office for the time being;-).


Thanks a lot lot.





Martin Schröder posted on 2011-03-11

Hola Andre,

1. the syntax of using variables needs to be corrected. All variable names must be enclosed in % (percentage signs) when called:

ARISADM71 -enc cp850 -s LOCAL -pa %SITEADMIN% -l sessions bypid


2. Even if you changed into %ARISDIR% arisadmin only listens by its full name:

arisadm71.exe -enc cp850 -s LOCAL -pa %SITEADMIN% -l sessions bypid


Boa sorte, Martin


Andre Sales posted on 2011-03-30

Ola Martin,

Excuse me for being late, but just now I'm back to this subject here.

Well...thanks very much! Now the "reorg" command is working ...but still doesn't working the "sessions bypid" and "kill all" commands.

Do you have any idea, or another syntax to run this?



Andre Sales

Martin Schröder posted on 2011-04-04

Ola André,

please have a look at the arisadm71.exe command reference in the installation&admin-guide.

In my example above, parameter -l (with a file path, that has been set in variable %ARISLOG%) does the logging for each command in batch mode. You omitted the file path.

Then follows the next command argument sessions bypid

It is similar with the subsequent lines .... kill all and ...reorg all delete

Regards, Martin