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ARIS 7.1 service release 8 (SR08) available

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by Sebastian Stein in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-09-03

Some days ago, our dear ARIS hackers uploaded the latest ARIS version to our servers. This new service release (called SR08) brings several important improvements:

  • bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes and probably a few new bugs :-)
  • an improved integration with webMethods Designer
  • improved BPMN 2 handling

As Software AG and IDS Scheer are merging, we also work very hard on integrating our product portfolios. The combined product portfolio covers the complete process lifecycle. In the latest release, you can directly hand over a process design done in ARIS to webMethods Desginer for implementation. There is no need for manual copying of files between both tools. As soon as a process is ready for implementation, a new task is assigned to a developer in webMethods. I expect some posts in the coming weeks about the extended integration.

ARIS Express users are already used to improved BPMN 2 handling like easy rotation of pools and lanes. Now, those features are also available in the professional ARIS products. Check out the articles by Sascha about BPMN 2 handling in ARIS.

You can get the latest ARIS version by contacting our support organisation or downloading it from the ARIS Download Center.

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Etienne Venter posted on 2010-09-06

Thanks for the update, does this also include the ability to assign BPMN 2 diagrams to UML use case objects?

Bruno Vanhecke posted on 2010-09-09

Hi Sebastian,

is it possible that I need to update my internet explorer software (actual version 8) in order to use the SR08? (coming from SR06)

we installed the SR08 on our acceptance server but the application does not open, after selecting the  database.



Alexander Cherednichenko posted on 2010-09-10


Service Release 2010_08

Business Architect / Designer





All connections are represented properly now when model parts of ARIS models are copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document.


It doesn’t work! Same bug from release to release….

Ralf Scheidhauer posted on 2010-09-14

Hi Alexander,

for one of the last service releases we had fixed a bug where it could happen that connections where not put into the clipboard during a copy operation.

However: there is one case where we intentionally do this: assume you have selected a connection C, but the source and/or target of C has/have not been selected. In this particular case someone (I don't remember who, but most likely it was me :-) ) thought it would not be a good idea to put this kind of incomplete/inconsistent data into the clipboard. We now discussed this again and did not find any good reason to keep this behavior, so we'll drop this restriction for the next service release.

So could you please confirm that your problem is the above one? If not: could you please provide us with some detailed information on how to reproduce the problem?


Alexander Cherednichenko posted on 2010-09-14

Hi Ralf, thanks for reply!

There are many reasons to copy connections only to clipboard (it worked in Toolset):

1. You need a copy of some elements including connection to Method manual, e.g. incoming connection > function > outgoing connection. We can’t do this in BA, so we run good old Toolset or Visio.

2. In same way you need to insert in text document only connection without objects (as example). You can’t do this.

3. Sometimes you need to use some part of models for articles, reports etc. For example, you need to show gateway only with incoming and two outgoing connection. You can’t do this.

4. Sometime you need to copy model to text document. Assume you have  long EPC for two pages. In this case you should select one part of the model and copy to one page and select another part to copy at second page. For best model visual and transparency the first part of the model should be copied with last connections. And beginning of the model at second page should be copied with incoming connections.

Ralf Scheidhauer posted on 2010-09-14

Hi Alexander,

ok, I see lots of good arguments :-)

We'll change it the next service release.



Alexander Cherednichenko posted on 2010-09-14

Hi Ralf!

Thanks in advance!

Etienne Venter posted on 2010-09-15

Hi Sebastian, not sure if it is me or ARIS, but when transforming a task into a sub process, the assigned sub process (BPMN process diagram), does not allow one to add a lane on the diagram. This is problematic as the parent model lane could have represented a group and the assigned sub process the different participants represented as lanes?

Thierry Caro posted on 2010-09-15

@Ralf: thanks to bring this in SR09, we also would like to capture the connections in the clipboard, even if there are no object on the other ends.

@Etienne. It's not only you. I have the same behavior with SR08 after transforming a task to sub-process.

SR08 (501900): so far, so good. I only had to deal with a different parameter order for the externalLink url in Business Publisher (&exportname= has moved right after &localeid=). 

Cheers everybody...

Fariborz Zangoui posted on 2010-09-16

Hi all,

As a new comer I have just attended an ARIS ITA course, where we learned about how to use some ‘IT landscape administration' macros. Unfortunately we are currently on ver. (SR 2009_01c), which does not contain those macros, which is why I have to apply for an upgrade of ARIS software to the latest version available.

For the upgrade to happen I need to convince the current users that the risk of break-down of their solutions in the current version is low. This is why I would like to hear, if there is a link to a site, where the side effects (new bugs) for the new ARIS releases are gathered.

I would also appreciate any suggestion on how to go about this issue.

Best regards

David Hinojosa posted on 2010-12-03


Does ARIS Business Server 7.1 need to be upgraded in order to use the new Service Release for Business Architect and Designer? Is there also a Service Release for ARIS Business Server?

If the answer is yes, will the upgrade be automatic as when upgrading ARIS Business Architect 7.1  to the last Service Release? Or perhaps it will require to backup, uninstall, reinstall and restore data from ARIS Business Server?

Thanks and kind regards,
David Hinojosa

Tanvir Azad posted on 2017-11-21