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Word report - Getting object of connected relationship type

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by Stijn Hubregtse in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-02-24

I'm having a model where there is a object connected to a relationship type object to a other object.

I want to print in my report for every object the name of the relationship type object (this is easily done) but then i also want to print the other connected object of that relationship type object.

Example of my model:

|Object A| --- <HAS> --- |Object B|


Is this possible with prochandbook?



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Ariene Kroeze posted on 2017-02-24

Yes, that is possible. 

Cxnobj, xx, typename 

Where xx is the type of the related object. 

Regards, Ariene Kroeze 

Stijn Hubregtse posted on 2017-02-24

I must be doing something wrong.

When i use Cxnobj, xx, typename

is the xx the type of the relation type (11) or the object the relation type is related with (14)?

Both ways tested and i only get a "x"


The object = 14 and the relationship type = 11 is this helpful information?

Ariene Kroeze posted on 2017-02-24


xx should be the type number of te related object (in your case 14).

Maybe you can upload (or mail) the template or only a relevant part of it (the table?)

Kind regards, Ariene.