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by Sneha Patil in ARIS User Community ANZ posted on 2017-04-03

Hello All ,

I am using Aris Express for poc for Sunrice Company.

The main aim is to export the the Aris models as XML and import them into a content creation and management tool called SAP WPB, Following are my questions.

1.How to export Aris model from Aris Express as an XML

2.To import Aris XML into SAP WPB  , Symbio Suite must be installed.Any idea about how to go about this?

Any inputs or experience to this would be very helpful.

Thanks and Regards,


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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-04-04

Hi Sneha,

there is no way to export data from ARIS Express.

But you can import you ADF files into the ARIS repository using the ARIS Business Architect.

Using the Business Architect, you are able to write a report, that exports your data in whatever format you like (but you would need to write this export on your own).