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ARIS Convention Handbook

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by Ayhan Engin in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-01-18

Hi all,

i m new and fresh aris architect. and i need your help. i m developing our company Aris BPMN system. and i must create a convention handbook. therefore i need an example convention handbook template. if you have plz share with me.


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Jackie Damrau posted on 2010-01-20


We use ARIS Business Architect and have an ARIS Methods & Conventions Handbook. Here's the table of contents for you to consider:

  1. Overview (outline purpose of handbook, introduction to ARIS concepts, team roles and responsibilites)
  2. ARIS Framework and Governance (documents your database and folder structure, framework and special numbering schema for model/process steps, governance control/approvals, and release cycle management)
  3. Business Process Level Architecture (details the major models you are using like VACD, EPC row, FAD)
  4. ARIS Models and Available Objects (details customized symbols or models used in modeling our processes)
  5. Modeling Standards (covers basic modeling guidelines and standards, working with business process levels, customized filters/templates, use of free-form text/graphics, modeling/object naming preference, creating/reusing objects, printing options, and how to request new models, objects, or attributes)
  6. ARIS Semantic Checks (steps on how to run semantic check using customized profile)
  7. ARIS Reporting (steps on how to run customized reports)
  8. Business Publisher Standards and Usage
  9. Solution Manager Synchronization
  10. Additional Documents (company-specific such as training slides, job aids, and so on)

This should give you a fairly good start.

Mario Dolce posted on 2011-02-04


Hello Dr. Damrau,

   I would also like a copy of your sample Conventions Manual.  My email is

   Thanks a lot.

Grethe Svendsen posted on 2012-01-04


I would also be happy if I could get a copy of your ARIS Methods & Conventions Handbook.

My e-mail adress is:

Thank you in advance!


Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-01-21

From customer project I know that some kind of quick reference is very handy so that people can look up easily how to model a process or any other model. This should be supported by a filter, which doesn't allow too much freedom to better guide the people. In general, I would say try to make the convention handbook as small as possible and try to provide checks & rules directly in the tool.

Jackie Damrau posted on 2010-01-21

We do provide one-page quick references for many of the topics that are contained in the Conventions guide. The guide itself documents all the configuration steps we took, plus documents all the customizations we made.

Users don't always want to read through a large manual, which is why the quick references are a more useful tool.

Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-01-21

Ah ok, so the convention guide is not something you would give to your users, do you?

Jackie Damrau posted on 2010-01-22

Correct. If someone wants to read it, they can. However, the major "user-related" portions have been extracted into one-page job aids that are made available to all users from our SharePoint document repository.

Ayhan Engin posted on 2010-02-04

Thanks for you reply and support. Is there a sample convention handbook that you can share with me? I am not sure whether this is confidential but that would help me a lot. Thank you in advance


Jackie Damrau posted on 2010-02-04

I have mocked up a sample. Can you provide your email address?

Wilma Rudman posted on 2011-01-25


Hi Dr Jackie,

Could I have your sample for reference as well?  Thanks in advance for sharing my email address is 

Lori Z posted on 2011-02-08



If it is still available and you have a moment could you share the guide with me as well at

xia edwin posted on 2012-11-19

Please contact me on, so that i can share you a convention template. thank you in advance. 

Maite Sebolai posted on 2012-11-26

Hi Dr Jackie,

Can I get a copy as well? Thanks


Beatrice Hirschi posted on 2012-11-26

Hi Maite,

Can you send me your email address in order to forward you the handbook?

Regards, Beatrice

Johannes Tewes posted on 2012-07-27

Hi, I am very interested in the handbook, I dont now if it is still around, but if you would like to share a copy with I will be very pleased.




Johannes Tewes

Ayhan Engin posted on 2010-02-05

my mail address is . thanks for everythink Dr. i' m wait your sample.


Wendy Ng posted on 2010-07-28

Hi Dr Jackie,

could I have your sample for reference as well?  Thanks in advance for sharing.  :)

My email address:

Eliza Simion posted on 2010-09-24

Can you please send me a sample of the Conventions Manual as well?

Thanks in advance, all the best.

Praveen Sudesh posted on 2011-01-19

Hi Dr. Jackie,

Would you be so kind to share the manual with me as well.


Thanks in advance :)

David Hinojosa posted on 2011-01-19

Thanks, Dr. Damrau. I'll appreciate to receive a copy too.

My email is

Kind regards.

Joyce Leftly posted on 2011-01-27

Hello Dr. Damrau,

   I would also like a copy of your sample Conventions Manual.  My email is

   Thank you in advance !



Stefan Housen posted on 2011-01-31



Is this convention book still available?

If its possible, I would like to receive a copy too.

Thanks in advance




Jorge Navas posted on 2011-02-08


I would like a copy of your Conventions Manual. Can you send me it?

My email is



Reshma Nuggehally posted on 2011-02-08


 Appreciate if you could share a copy of the manual please. My 




Duoi Dai posted on 2011-02-10

Hi Dr. Damrau,


I hope I am not too late, may I have a copy as well? My email is

Thank you,

Cai Duoi

posted on 2011-02-10

I could not avoid noticing a rising interest in this document Jackie shared :)

Would it be possible for someone who already has the document, to share it here  with the Community? May I suggest uploading to a file host and sharing the download URL, if possible.

The best way IMHO would be an attachement to a post (possible only for newly created articles?)


Margaret Ewing posted on 2012-06-22

Was this document ever attached?  I'd like a copy, but Dr. Damrau now works for Software AG and is not able to share it.



Anil Kumar posted on 2011-02-22

Hi There,

Can someone please email me a copy too. I am about to embark on setting the convention handbook up would be a great help.

Please email me on

Appreciate your help.



Jackie Damrau posted on 2011-02-22

To everyone that requested a sample over the last few months, I've just emailed you with a revised sample.

My apologies to the group for not responding sooner. Work projects have kept me heads-down these past several months.

Anyone else who would like a copy can email me at

Victor van den Bogaard posted on 2011-03-03

Dear dr.Damrau,


I would appreciated very much if I could also receive a copy.

My e-mail address is



Victor van den Bogaard

merrick meredith posted on 2011-05-17



could you please email the latest sample to


Thanks greatly

AKASH SONI posted on 2011-03-08

Hi There!! If Possible plz share treh sample with me as well. God bless U!!!!

Komborero Makoni posted on 2011-03-08



Please may you email me the sample handbook.  My email address is





Patrick Perrin posted on 2011-03-11


I would appreciated very much if I could also receive a copy of this document.

My e-mail address is

Thanks and Regards,

Patrick Perrin


Ruud Vermolen posted on 2011-03-14

Dear dr.Damrau 

Can you send me a revised sample of the manual?

My e-mail adress is

Thanks and regards

Ruud Vermolen

Francesco Mennillo posted on 2011-04-16

I would appreciated very much if I could also receive a copy of this document.

My e-mail address is f.mennillo [at]

Thanks and Regards


Francesco Mennillo

jay olvey posted on 2011-04-26

Dear dr.Damrau 

Can you send me a revised sample of the manual?

My e-mail adress is

David Hinojosa posted on 2011-04-26

Dear Dr. Damrau, I'll appreciate to receive a revised sample of the manual too.

Many thanks,

David Hinojosa

Vassiliki Spentzou posted on 2011-05-09

Good afternoon

I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy to share the knowledge ()


Thank you in advance



Chan Zhi Weng posted on 2011-05-16

Dr. Jackie Damrau, would appreciate if you could send a copy of the ARIS Methods & Conventions Handbook  ( )   () (sample). My email address is ( )


Thank you.

Abhijit Das posted on 2011-06-07

Hi Jackie,

May I have a copy of the manual.


Abhijit Das

Bahram Najedy posted on 2011-06-17


My i have a copy of manual

Thank you

Best regards

Bahram Najedy

Olu Ogunsakin posted on 2011-06-26

Hi Dr. Jackie,

Please, would you be so kind to share the manual with me as well.

My email address is


Thanks and regards


Yahya Naal posted on 2011-06-27

Hi Dr. jackie,


would you please share the manual with me.

your support is highly appreciated.

my email address:



Betsy Buckley posted on 2011-07-14

Dr. Jackie,

To echo the other commentors here, I would appreciate this manual as well!

my Email:



Carolyn Faure posted on 2011-08-15

May I trouble you for one more copy to me at

Thank you so much,


Kavita Sachdeva posted on 2011-08-16

Hi, if u can please share a copy to me as well on Thanks.


hamzah ritchi posted on 2011-08-16

Dear Dr. Damrau,

Would you mind further share the book to me too? Thank you very much.

Ritchi -


Lidija Strancarić posted on 2011-08-23


I cant find how to obtain a licence for Aris Arhitect. Can you help me with that?

Thank you in advance.


Jackie Damrau posted on 2011-08-23

Lidija, Your company should have received licenses when it purchased ARIS Architect from the vendor, Software AG, or any of its third party resellers. You'll need to check with your ARIS administrator for details.