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User settings for Business Publisher UMC

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by Tony Johannesson in Administration & User Management posted on 2016-07-21

Hi, we are doing a late migration to ARIS 9 from ARIS 7. I need help to understand the user access for users in BP.
We have usergroups with basic access to folders but need to add specific access to project folders etc for users. I could do this in ARIS 7 direct on the users, but when I do this in ARIS 9 it is not working. If I create a specific usergroup for a user and set the complate access in the group and connect to user it works! But this is a lot of work to create a usergroup for all users instead of just adding access to a user.

Help needed :-)

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Tony Iliev posted on 2016-11-01

Hi Tony,

I would like to ask whether the issue has been solved?


Peter Drozda posted on 2017-05-18

In Aris 7 users were managed directly in Architect, but in Aris 9 users are centrally managed in UMC. Since users are managed by central component, it does not make sense to export them any longer (just consider number of possibly existing external users in UMC and further synchronization issues). Now the UMC scenario is very similar to LDAP scenario in older 7 versions. You manage export profiles by combination of export, usergroup, filter and user gets his rights based on to which export profile he logs in.. You can still manually map specific users from UMC to desired export profiles (usergroups) in Publisher Administration, then the mapping would be managed only on Publisher side but user does not need to be a real member of usergroup in UMC.