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Error when connecting to arris express

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by UE UE in ARIS Express posted on 2016-10-17

Hello, I have this common error "Unable to connect to ARIS community. Please connect to the internet when running ARIS express for the first time so that your login data can be checked. Please also check the proxy settings of your system in the internet options.", the thing is that i've tried almost everything i've got in mind, such as downloading the net start version, it activates only the administrator account, and does not activate the main program for normal user account.... 

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ilyas bham posted on 2016-10-18

me and my colleague are facing the exact same problems :(. please help

Koen Verschaeren posted on 2016-10-18

I have the same problem. 

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-18


this is quite normale: if you activate Express with a certain user, this activation is only valid for this user account. If you switch to another user, the registration data cannot be found, because it is stored under the user's profile.



UE UE posted on 2016-10-18

So do you have any suggestions what to do? I mean it's more important to use Aris Express on users accounts... I've tried to delete everything, such as program data etc. in administrators and users acc, then install it only on users account, but again it gives me the same error.... What should I do? 

Alexander Otto posted on 2016-10-18

Same Problem here. Take an actual Java Runtime x86 and make a new jre Folder in the Program Directoy from Aris Express (C:\ProgramFiles\ARIS Express\client) copy all Java Files (i used jre1.8.0_101) in the jre Folder and start the registration again. Now the SSL Handshake will be done and the registration is successful.


This is from Log:

2016-10-18T17:10:48,395 INFO - [community] Failed to read server's response: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair

ilyas bham posted on 2016-10-19

it worked!

used the latest java software and replaced the jre folder in aris. 

thanks alot!

UE UE posted on 2016-10-19

Thank a lot, man! I don' t have enough words to express my gratitude!!!

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-19

Hi Alexander,

thank you very much. Due to an update, the old JRE version does not accept the certificate!

The webstart version (that could be downloaded here: still works, if you've got a new JRE.

Since Express is quite some years old, the embedded JRE used is as well. We are going to build a new version ASAP and put it online as soon as we've got it.

Thanks again and sorry for inconveniences.



Nanthawan Sangchuang posted on 2016-10-20

Hi! My IT Team do as Alexander's suggestion, but it still show same error message. How can I solve this problem. Please kindly suggest me.

Remark: We just change our notebook and install Windows 10. Now many users have this problem.

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-20


we updated the new version, so please download the updated version, uninstall the old one first and then install the updated version 2.4c.

For more information see



CHIHEB Mahmoud posted on 2016-10-30

Hi Frank,

First time logging issue

I did all the recommanded direction,

Aris Express still not accepting my loggin information, no thing happen after submiting my logging information

Any suggestion

CHIHEB Mahmoud posted on 2017-02-04

Hi All, Goooood news, I'm now conected,

I just tried from home internet connection, seems works fine

probably my issue was caused by the company's internet connection setting

Mas Nino posted on 2016-11-02


I have the same issues on MAC os X, using 2.4c ARIS express. Still can't log to community using username & password

pls help