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ARIS 9 Business Publisher Quick Start Guide

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by Willem Engelbrecht in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-08-22

Hi All,

Does anyone know where I can find a Quick Start Guide for ARIS 9 - Publisher ?

I've found the ARIS 7 .x Quick start guide, but I need the Version 9 guide.



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-22

Dear Willem,

Neither for ARIS 9 nor for ARIS 10 we published that document known from ARIS 7.2 as we wanted to focus on a new generation of process portals. With ARIS 9 we introduced ARIS Connect, which offers a lot of new capabilities, such as social collaboration, built-in mini-workflows, end-user contribution, document storage, and process modeling in a browser.

Compared to Publisher, in Connect there is no time-consuming database publishing needed, nor does Connect require a separate installation for the process portal. Connect is a two-in-one tool, serving as centrally managed process repository, AND providing the user's a portal for browsing the processes in various views and not just the plain process model graphic.

Moreover, Connect offers new capabilities which we couldn't implement in Publisher due its nature of a static process portal, such as social collaboration, direct contribution, built-in mini-workflows, and just by a mouse click starting to model process without leaving the browser.

And we also started focusing on configuring of standard functionality instead of customizing add-ons as we had it with Publisher.



Willem Engelbrecht posted on 2017-08-22

Rune, thanks for your comments.

If, taking the abovementioned into consideration, why is Publisher then still available and part of the installation media?

And since it IS part of the installation media, should the required documentation not then be included?

Just wondering....


Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-22

We still support our base customers on Publishers. But we don't actively seek for new Publisher customers. For the many based customers using Publisher for years it's not necessary to provide a quick start guide as they typically migrate mostly (if not all) via consulting service.