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We have an ARIS Connect 9.7 system using a number of concurrent licences.  We are about to ramp up the number of users who have access to the system and would like a mechanism to understand how often, over a defined period (say one month), that the max number of concurrent users has been reached.  Other requirements are to report on which users that have access to the system have not logged on for a defined period of time, report of failed login attempts, etc. - fairly typical user profile reporting for any sizeable IT system (we will have approx, 6000 users in the system). 

I have looked at the predefined reports in the ARIS UMC, but these don't seem to offer this type of user activity data over a defined period.  Typical report contents are an extract of users and their privileges, a snapshot of currently logged on users, etc. 

I have activated the user audit data capture, but the raw output from this seems quite complex and hard to find specific data such as this requirement. 

So, my questions are:

  1. Are there any predefined or already existing mechanisms to provide this type of user activity profiling data?
  2. Is it possible to create custom reports that can provide us with such data? 


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