Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 04:00

We live in challenging times right now with so many unknowns and every company is struggling to keep the business up and running. Top priority for almost every organization is to survive the current crisis and prepare for the future, even if that means going down unusual paths.

Based on our 10 business continuity tips for business leaders, we will show you how to:
- prioritize the impact of crisis,
- prepare for cost cutting initiatives,
- manage uncertainty and roll out and adapt a new way of working procedures,
- define how to come back to normal and
- establish a future-proof organization.

No matter if you are already using ARIS or starting from scratch: In this webinar recording, you will see how ARIS can help you gain insights and better control of your changing business, adapt to new circumstances, and keep your business on track to survive these challenging times.