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Change connection alignment

You can affect the connection path in different ways.

Change connection alignments

You can change connection alignments later by selecting a different anchor point for the connection on the object.


  1. Click on the corresponding connection. The anchor and angle points of the connection are marked with a square.
  2. Click on the desired anchor point, hold down the mouse button, and drag the square to the new anchor point.

The connection alignment is updated.

Insert angles while creating a connection


Click at the relevant positions in the modeling area when drawing the connection to the target object. Each click inserts an angle and thus the connection runs via the angle. For instance, this makes it possible to lead the connection path around an object.

Insert angles later


  1. Right-click on the point on the connection where you want to insert an angle.
  2. Click on Add angle in the pop-up menu.

You can draw the new angle to any position.

Remove angles


Right-click on an angle and select Delete angle or drag one angle on top of another.

The angle will be removed and the connection alignment updated.