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Mini toolbar

The Mini toolbar provides you with the Connection and Add symbols buttons, as well as the objects you can connect with the selected object. You are only offered objects that can be connected with the selected object.

It is shown as transparent if you select an object in the model window and the mouse pointer is over the object. The Mini toolbar remains transparent until you move the mouse pointer onto it. It then completely covers the background.

If you do not want the Mini toolbar to be shown for a selected object, move the mouse pointer a few centimeters away from the selected object. It will then only be shown when you select it again.

Mini toolbar


Creates a connection from the selected object to another object when you click on the target object.

Place and connect object

Enables you to place the selected object and connect it with the selected object.

You can either click on the relevant object and then on the position in the model window where you want to place it, or you can place the relevant object at the required position in the model window using drag and drop.

Add symbols

Opens the Add symbols dialog for you to place additional object symbols in the Mini toolbar.

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