Move panes

You can set up the program interface to suit your needs by arranging the panes as required. For example, you can move the Model overview or Symbols panes to a new position on the screen. Panes are identified by the cross for closing (x) in the title.


  1. Click on the pane's title and hold the mouse button down.
  2. Drag the pane to its new position.

    Until you reach a suitable position, the mouse pointer looks like this: Mouse pointer when moving bars. As soon as you reach a position where the pane can be placed, a gray frame shows a preview of the new position.

  3. Release the mouse button.

The pane is anchored in its new position.


  • As long as you are still holding down the mouse button, you can cancel the move by pressing Esc.
  • After the move, you can restore the default position by clicking on View/Reset pane positions.

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