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Print preview dialog

Displays the model as it will be printed.

Model settings that you have specified regarding, for example, print scale, will be included. You can specify additional settings.


Prints the content based on your settings.

Page setup

Opens the Page layout dialog for you to configure the page partitioning.

Print scale

Holds the print scale (relative size of the model to the page size).

You can enter the zoom factor directly or change it by clicking on the arrow keys. The lower the percentage, the more objects a print page may include and vice versa. Thus, you can determine how model items of large models are to be arranged on the various pages. For small models you can increase the percentage so that the model items are larger when printed and the entire print page is used.

Fit to page

Clicking on the Fit to page button changes the print scale of the model so that all model items are printed on a single page. The modified scale is shown in the Print scale box.

Specify number of pages

Opens the Specify number of pages dialog. Here, you can specify the number of pages your model is to be printed on by using the sliders for page width or page height.

Zoom in

The page display is increased by 10% in the print preview. Instead of the button you may also use the Plus (+) key of your keyboard to increase the display by 10% increments.

Zoom out

The page display is reduced by 10% in the print preview. Instead of the button you may also use the Minus (-) key of your keyboard to reduce the display by 10% increments.

Print blank pages

Displays blank pages and prints them if the spacing between model items is so large that blank pages occur. Printing blank pages will help you gain a realistic impression of the model size when assembling the print pages.

If you specified that blank pages are not to be displayed and printed, the blank pages will be removed from the print preview, but the remaining pages will not be consolidated. Please use the scroll bars to display invisible model pages.

Black and white

Prints models in black and white.


Prints models in portrait format.


Prints models in landscape format.

Show one page

Only displays one page even if there are multiple print pages.

You can control the print preview using the following keys:

Ctrl + P

The model is printed according to your settings.

+ (Plus)

The page is enlarged by 10% in the print preview.

- (Minus)

The page is reduced by 10% in the print preview.


The first page is displayed.


The last page is displayed.