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ARIS Express - Program information

You will find information in different areas on ARIS Express, its application, contents, and organizational aspects in the enterprise modeling environment.

Video tutorials

Video tutorials not only describe, but demonstrate how to use ARIS Express in the context of using the program and edited content. By experiencing working with ARIS Express first hand, you learn how to use the program much faster than you would if only textual information were available to you.

Embedded help dialog

Most dialogs provide embedded help. You can open it by pressing F1 or by clicking on the Help button in the dialogs. Help text will then be added to the dialog. Clicking on a listed help entry will display the corresponding information. Thus, required information is available right where you need it.

Some dialogs do not provide embedded help. These are dialogs that are too large for further information to fit in the screen. The print preview for models is an example. While self-explanatory dialogs do not show additional information, a Help button exists for dialogs that need to be explained in more detail. Clicking on this button will open your Web browser and display the corresponding help page that is available at ARIS Community.

To access these pages in ARIS Community, you can also click on the Help/Help topics menu and thus display the table of contents, open the Basics area, and click on the name of the relevant dialog under Dialogs.

Further information

Extensive help is available via the online help, which is available at ARIS Community. This refers not only to program application, but also to methodical and organizational aspects of using ARIS Express. Press F1 or use the Help menu to open the online help.

The Basics area provides information on basic settings, special program features, etc. - such as structuring program information.

Key terms are explained in the Glossary area. You can look up the meaning of technical terms or find out about the context of terms there.

Other areas are also available in the online help. The titles of these are self-explanatory.

ARIS Community

You can obtain further information in the ARIS Community, e.g., from ARIS Express users. This enables you to access optimized procedures, method discussions, and contexts that were developed, emerged or resulted from working with ARIS Express and related topics. ARIS Community lets you ask other users questions and also make your own experiences and knowledge available to them.