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Insert optional hyphens

You can insert optional hyphens in texts. These hyphens are only displayed when necessary, when texts have to be broken up due to a change in size, for example, of an object. Optional hyphens can be used for attribute texts and free-form texts. The following procedure describes an example use of optional hyphens for the name attribute of an object.


  1. Click on a selected object. The name of the object is selected for editing.
  2. Place the bookmark at the position at which you would like to insert an optional hyphen.
  3. Press Ctrl + -. An optional hyphen is inserted and the placeholder for the optional hyphen is displayed (Optional hyphen).
  4. Insert optional hyphens wherever you want to separate the attribute content when you change the size of an object.
  5. Click in the modeling area. The text input box is closed and the optional hyphen placeholders are no longer displayed.

If you now change the size of the object such that the text needs to be wrapped, the text is broken up at the position of the relevant optional hyphen and a hyphen inserted at the separation point.

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