Object: Is used in models of the Business process and BPMN diagram type.

Business process: Commercially relevant state, which controls or influences the subsequent progression of one or more business processes. Changes of state are reflected in changes in the status of the relevant environmental data (information objects). Events are both triggers of activities and results of activities. In contrast to an activity, which represents an occurrence over a period of time, an event is related to a single point in time.

BPMN diagram: Results exist as start, intermediate, and end events. As the name suggests, start events are used as events that start the process. Intermediate events are states that occur within the process flow. End events are used for the state that is reached upon the end of the process.

Available attributes






Additionally in the BPMN diagram

Event definition


In models of the Reduced BPMN diagram (ARISalign-compatible) type only the attributes Name and Description/Definition can be specified.