Attribute: Contains the shortcut to the document or application. They can be opened or started for the respective object. If you place a shortcut in the model window, a symbol is displayed for the shortcut and the entry for the shortcut is placed next to the symbol.

Shortcuts open application systems or documents from application systems. Enter the path or the name of an application or document. For example, you can describe the Process customer order activity in more detail in assigned Word documents, Excel tables, or graphics. You can for example, create a text editing shortcut that you can start and use to create an information document for the activity if necessary.


You want to explain an object in more detail in a linked Microsoft Word document. Microsoft Word is installed on your computer so that Microsoft Word documents are registered in the operating system.

Create the Microsoft Word document and save it. Click on the Edit link (Edit link button) button and enter the path and the name of the saved document in the Edit link dialog. If you prefer to select the document instead, click in the Link box on the Browse button (Browse button) and select the document in the corresponding directory.

Now, if you select the object and click on File/Run or press F7, Microsoft Word opens and displays the document.