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Find model item

You can quickly find objects, connections, free-form texts, and model attributes in a model.


  1. Press Ctrl + F. The Find box is enabled. The background color of the Find box is briefly colored yellow to indicate this.
  2. Enter the term you want to find.
  3. Click on Next (Next (search down)) to search down. Alternatively, press F3 or the Enter key.

    If you want to find a previous hit in the search, click on Back (Back (search up)) or press Shift + F3.

If the term is not found, the Find box is briefly colored red.

If the term is found, it is selected in the model window and, if the item has attributes, it is selected in yellow in the Attributes pane. If the Attributes pane is hidden, it is shown automatically.

If you have opened the Model overview pane, the border of the visible model area is also moved automatically.


  • If you search for a term that exists in the model, select the term, and press Ctrl + F. The selected term is copied to the Find box.
  • The selection of hits is removed when you press the Esc key, switch to another model, or edit an attribute.