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Create objects as text

You can insert texts as objects from the clipboard. For every text entry that is separated from others by a tab or line break a new object of the selected type is created.


  1. Enter one object name per line in a text processing program or use tab spacing.
  2. Select the entire text and press Ctrl + C. The text is copied to the clipboard.
  3. Activate ARIS Express and open the model in which you want to create the new objects.
  4. Right-click in the model background and select Paste as/Object in the pop-up menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl + V. The Create objects dialog opens.
  5. Select the symbol of the object type for which you want to use the new objects.
  6. Correct the object names, if required.
  7. Click on OK to close the dialog. The frames of the new objects are displayed in the modeling area.
  8. Move the objects to where you want to place them.
  9. Click in the modeling area.

The new objects are placed and you can draw the relevant connections.


  • You can also copy texts from Microsoft Excel to the clipboard and insert them as objects in ARIS Express. Each text in a cell is created as an object.
  • You can create new objects directly in the Create objects dialog without using texts from the clipboard. Open the dialog by clicking on Insert/Object or by clicking in the model background and selecting Paste as/Object in the pop-up menu.

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