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Screen layout in the ARIS Express Home area

ARIS Express Home area

Program title bar

Displays the name and location of the model as well as the program name.

Menu bar

Gives you access to the ARIS Express functions. Related menu items are grouped under the visible main menu items and are offered to you when you click on a main menu item. Buttons are available in the toolbar for the main menu items, providing you with faster access to their functions. If a certain function is not available, individual menu items or main menu items are not accessible. In this case, the entries are paled out.


Provides you with quick access to frequently required functions. Instead of having to click on several menu items, the relevant command is executed by a single click on a button. You can see what button executes what command by moving your mouse pointer over a button on the toolbar and hovering over it briefly.


Regularly provides news on topics and products in business process management. When you click on the banner, your Web browser opens and further information on the area is provided.

Links to ARIS Community

ARIS Community: Opens the ARIS Community start page in your Web browser.

Get full ARIS version: Explains how to purchase further ARIS products.

Available model types

Lists all model types. When you click on the required model type, an empty model opens in the modeling area. You can begin to model straightaway.


The thumbnail gives you a preview of recently edited models. If models are read-only, a default thumbnail that represents the underlying model type is shown instead of the actual content.

Recently used models

Provides the recently used models for you to open. You can move your mouse pointer over the thumbnail of available, non password-protected models to see a larger preview. You open a model by simply clicking on its thumbnail. Open models are marked with an open folder symbol. Models with password protection are marked with a lock symbol and do not have a preview. A question mark indicates that the model is not at the location from where it was last opened.

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