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Import models from Microsoft Visio

You can import Microsoft Visio files of the *.vdx type to ARIS Express.


  1. Save your diagram in Microsoft Visio in *.vdx format.
  2. In ARIS Express, click on File/Import: Visio VDX files.
  3. Select a file of the *.vdx type, and click on Open.
  4. Save the imported models.

A model is created for each drawing page. The model name comprises the diagram name and the drawing page name. In the case of the file data_mgmt.vdx with the drawing page to_be, the name of the imported model is, e.g., data_mgmt_to_be.

Diagrams are automatically mapped to predefined model types, shapes to predefined symbols. If no mapping is available, models of the General diagram type are created in ARIS Express with objects of the Rectangle type. Other model types also use default symbols, if required.

Position, size, and name of the shape remain the same, where possible. The appearance of the symbols and connections is adapted to the ARIS model.