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Export objects as graphic

You can save objects as a file in the formats EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).


  1. Select the objects you want to save in a graphic.
  2. Click on File/Export/As graphic. The Export graphic dialog opens.
  3. In the Output file box, enter the path and name under which you want to save the graphic. Alternatively, you can click on the Browse button (Browse button), navigate to the required folder using the Export file dialog, and enter the file name and file type. Then click on Export to close the dialog.
  4. Enable the Export background check box if you also want the background color or the wallpaper to be included in the export.
  5. Click on OK to close the dialog.

The selected objects will be saved in the required format.

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