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Object: Container for flow elements. This means that in contrast to tasks, this object can contain multiple flow elements. In other words, it can have multiple embedded tasks.

Various subprocesses exist:

  • Subprocess (subprocess triggered by the superior process)
  • Ad hoc subprocess (subprocess containing a number of activities that can be performed. The sequence of activities is random and the executor specifies if, when, and how often an activity is to be performed. While the superior process is active, individual or multiple activities can be performed.)
  • Event subprocess (subprocess that is not triggered by the superior process but by a separate start event. While the superior process is active this subprocess is started each time its start event is triggered.)
  • Transaction (contains a subordinate process that must be completely processed. It is connected with a transaction protocol that checks whether all activities are performed successfully. It is impossible that the subprocess is processed only in part. Therefore, it is either processed completely or not processed at all.)

See also Activity.

Is used in models of the BPMN diagram type.

Available attributes



Compensation activity

Activity type

Task type

Subprocess type

Event subprocess

Loop type