You might have seen a notification that you have unlocked an achievement. For your activity in the ARIS Community, you unlock achievements and get badges. Badges are an easy way on how to show others your activity.

Rookie achievement

Click on your avatar to get to your profile and check your unlocked achievements.

Clicking the “Show all“  button will get you to the overview page where you can see all available achievements.

Favorite badges

Mark your favorite achievement (click the heart icon on the right side of the achievement in your user profile), and it will be displayed by your name in your comments and posts, same as in the achievements overview at the top of your profile page.

Want to know how to complete your next achievement and gain some more points?

Check out our sidebar, we will introduce achievements from time to time there, and present those members that have recently unlocked them.

You not only get achievements for your activity, but you also collect points. Check out how to collect them and what they are good for 😊.