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BPMN modeling support in ARIS

Learn how ARIS supports you when modeling BPMN.

How to model agile user stories in ARIS

Learn what is an agile user story and how to model it in ARIS.

Methods and Conventions

How to set up a discussion around process modelling methods, what to look for, and what pitfalls to avoid. How ARIS represents the conclusions of this conversation.

Data-Driven Transformation Lifecycle

How to connect together the full lifecycle of data and process to continuously improve and make data-driven decisions.

Choices in Organizational Objects

Deciding how to capture, breakdown and connect Organizational elements to process models.

Federated vs. Centralized Operations

Managing process teams within ARIS, breakdown of work, ownership and responsibility, and creating a practice around process excellence in your organization.

The Importance of Libraries

Creating, storing and governing Reusable knowledge, where and how to build these libraries, and how to best control the flow of information.


Comparing actor-driven vs. function-focused modelling, their benefits, challenges and enterprise acceptance.

Compare and Maintain Processes with ARIS Spreadsheets

Build your first ARIS Spreadsheet, displaying (and editing) key model and object attributes, and helping show how and where to improve processes..

Using ARIS Variants to capture As-Is and To-Be Models

Learn about how ARIS can capture variant processes, plus how to compare these models to understand impacts of transformation.

Create an EPC model from scratch

How to model an EPC model from scratch.

ARIS for SAP basic download and synchronization

This video is an overview of ARIS for SAP basic download and synchronization.

Model creation with Smart Modeling

How to use Smart Modeling from ARIS Connect Designer.

How ARIS supports you in modeling matrices

How ARIS supports you in modeling matrices.

How ARIS assists you in modeling BPMN diagrams

How ARIS assists you in modeling BPMN diagrams.

Learn how to model data flows in ARIS

How to model data flows in ARIS so that the required data is available to you during the execution of an automated process.

Consumption of role-based process information in ARIS Connect

This tutorial will show how the creation of one model supports the generation of several views.

Connectivity for SAP® Solutions

This tutorial will show you the Connectivity for SAP Solutions.