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Management and Technology Consulting

The technical knowledge and experience, flexibility and close cooperation we have established with our customers, which form the basis of our consultancy understanding, reflect our values ​​in our way of doing business in a balanced way, and enable us to be a boutique team that can develop a different approach for each case. We differentiate our value proposition by working with companies of different scales and cultures, as well as our industry and subject expertise, resulting from our academic infrastructure, global business partnerships, technical knowledge and project experience. Our goal in every project is to implement applicable and result-oriented approaches that will add value to our customers with our flexible working structure. Our strategic partnerships and methodologies for technological solutions enable us to fully implement the applicable solutions we offer together with our customers.

Quick facts

  • Business Transformation
  • Implementation Partner
  • Sales Partner
  • Certified Training Partner
  • consulta.com.tr

Products & Solutions

  • Business-IT-Transformation-icon

    Business & IT Transformation

  • Process-mining-icon

    Process Mining & Analysis

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Our solution set; It has been organized to provide end-to-end management consultancy support, acting as a whole in line with customer needs.

Our expertise areas: Digital • Digital Transformation Strategy • Digital Process Transformation • System Integration • Business Process Management • Internet of Things • Machine Learning • Robotic Process Automation • Enterprise Architecture Analytic • Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management • Demand Forcasting • Churn Analysis • Value Based Customer Segmentation And Campaign Optimization • Basket Analysis and Up Sell / Cross Sell • Price Flexibility Analysis and Discount Optimization • Location Analysis • Stock Level Optimization • Predictive Maintenance • Credit Scoring


  • Aris Technical Services

    Trouble-free operation services for your ARIS platform

    Save time and money with our standardized and well documented operation services for your ARIS platform. Our certified ARIS experts will support your installation, update and operation in close cooperation with your internal IT.

  • Process Excellence

    We are designing and analyzing your end to end processes with you

    We are designing your end to end processes with you and mapping the risk and control points. In addition to these, development areas are defined on the processes.