Hi all,

I have a list of Standard Roles on "Organizational chart" diagram and these Roles are connected to Functions in EPC diagrams. It allows me to Generate "Job description" report and see what Activities connected to specific Role, plan training accordingly.

Hence, my problem is that we have standard Processes and Roles, but in different production units users fulfill a combination of Standard Roles and I can not aggregate Roles and develop Job description report for aggregated Role. 

For Example, we have 3 standard Roles: Scheduler, Supervisor, CSC. 

In one production unit, it is done by 3 different people and I can generate Job Description for each Role separately.

In another unit, all 3 Roles are performed by one person, and I need to generate Job Description for all these 3 Roles combined, so Job description consists of all Activities assigned to all these 3 Roles.

I tried to connect other elements like "Position", "Internal Person", "Group" to these 3 Roles, but it always generates empty Gob Description report.

Is there any way to aggregate several standard Roles to another ArisCloud object and generate Job Description report which includes activities for all connected Roles.

Thanks in advance.



Tags: ARIS 10