Hello ARIS community,

We have a custom script that we developed that uses an external JAR file.  This JAR file enables the report script to retrieve contact information for people in our corporate active directory by a web service.  This had been working all the way up to v9.8.1.  We have recently installed v9.8.6 and now we get the error

Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element (uri:"http://webservice", local:"deactivate")

Expected elements are <{http://webservice}nickname>,{http://webservice}hrSystem, ...

I submitted an empower ticket with Software AG, but I was told that since this is a custom script, they cannot help me.  I believe it must be something in the new version of how it is handling SOAP request from web service that is causing the error.  Maybe I have to modify the JAR file?  If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

As a test, I installed v9.8.6 on a test server and tried to run the report script.  It failed with the same error.  I uninstalled v9.8.6 and then reinstalled v9.8.1.  I ran the report script and it completed successfully.



Tags: ARIS Report Scripting Java