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My name is Alexander Graf, I am a student at Murmansk State Technical University. I have a problem with Aris Architect for students, and I don't know, where to ask for answers, so I write here.
The thing is, that I applied for Aris Architect for Students and successfully got a license - I recieved an e-mail with some download links. And that's where the problem started. I downloaded ARIS Client 9.X setup via the link that was in the e-mail and unzipped the archive. I launched the "setup.exe" file and the InstallShield Wizard had launched, but suddenly it hung (or froze?). After a few seconds, an empty window (check the attached file) popped up. There was no text in it, only an OK button. I clicked it, and that window disappeared, and the InstallShield Wizard process got aborted, and the installation failed. I tried installation at five different PCs (all with the Windows Seven OS), and it failed every time - empty window, OK, and nothing then. 

Can you help me, please? 

Alexander Graf, Murmansk State Technical University.

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