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I need help to confirm a situation related to the ARCM conventions.
Once the risks in the processes have been identified, it is necessary to make the authorization digramas, which have Role objects: "Risk Rewier_3", "Risk Reviewer 3.01", "Risk Reviewer 3.02" and "Internal Person" (for each Reviewer).
Based on this, all these structures will be imported into the ARCM, and if they are in accordance with the conventions, the profiles are defined in the ARCM.
I know can not change the Term "Risk Rewier_3" because it is ARCM will read, and everything that is associated will be Review Profiles, my question is:
Is it possible to change the name of the intermediate structure "Risk Reviewer 3.01" and put something closer to the reality of the organization, for example "Responsible for Subscription"? Or would this go against ARCM conventions and would it make an error when importing the profiles?


Ana Rita Lope

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