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Good afternoon,

I need help with a question related to configuring a Dashboard created with ARCM and CONNECT.

The ARIS version is, so we are talking about the new ARIS AWARE component.

The Dashboard, created in ARIS Connect, consists of a Data Feed that is represented by several types of information: ARCM links (information from risk assessments, tests to controls, approval workflow ...) + documents ( Connect repository) + among others. After developing Dashboard the view/ edit privileges have been assigned and at this point the set user group can see the Dashboard in the Connect> Repository (where it was created).

But in addition to where it was created (Connect> Repository> Dashboard), the Dashboard should be configured and made available in ARCM and Connect.

Image 1 - Where Dashboard + Data Feed was created (Connect)

Where I wanted to make the Dashboard available, but nothing appears (Connect - Image 2) and an error appears (ARCM - Image 3).


In relation to Image 2:

I think, automatically, the Dashboard should appear here, but nothing happens when you click in "Dashboard" in Connect > Home.

In relation to Image 3:

In ARCM, we have "My Dashboard" tab and, for the Dashboard to appear on this screen, it is necessary to configure the connection in the part of Admin> Integration> Dashboard (Image 4).

And I've already done the setup of 2 Dashboards, but none works. For setup a Dashboard, I had filled all the attributes (Image 5), including the Dashboard URL, but I do not know if I put the correct link? (Image 6).


After that, although the Dashboards appear in the ARCM > Home > "My Dashboard" tab, an error appears when we try to enter (Image 3).


How to put these two situations working?

I really appreciate your attention and all your help.


Best regards,

Ana Rita Lopes

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