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Good afternoon,

I would like to ask your help for an important theme related to the Mashzone/Aware versions.
I am upgrading ARIS from version 9SR8 to the latest version.

Currently, the client infrastructure comprises ARIS Designer, ARIS Publisher, ARIS ARCM e ARIS Mashzone. For the new version, the client decided that they wanted to keep Publisher instead of switching to Connect. If the client does not have Connect installed, which version should be installed instead of Mashzone 9?

I think the use of the new ARIS Aware implies a new licensing related to ARIS Connect (Connect Designer) and our client only asked for renewal of the licenses.

What should I install? I can not find any Mashzone 10SR5/6 version and I do not have ARIS Aware licensing.


Best regards, Ana Rita Lopes

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