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Good Morning,

I'd like to ask for your help with a problem that came with upgrading ARIS versions.

The client has ARIS ARCM 9.8 on a server X, and the installation team responsible for upgrading the version has installed the new ARCM 10.5 / 6 on a standalone server (Y).

How do you migrate all the information in ARCM 9.8 to the new ARCM 10.5, knowing that they are on different servers? With the export and import of the ARCM environment / client the problem is not solved. This is necessary because the client wants to keep all the history in ARCM, which is generating data that is processed for the Risk Management Dashboard that was created for version 9.8. And for the Dashboard case, how can I easily migrate the information in Mashzone 9.8 to the new Mashzone 10.3?

We have already tried to review the support documentation but it's all a bit abstract on this topic.

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Ana Rita Lopes

Tags: ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager MashZone